ZeFKo Talk – Corona and Conflict

Roundtable u.a. mit Una Jakob, Felix Bethke und Jonas Wolff

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The ZeFKo Talk is the inaugural event of a new series of public round­tables by which the editors want to offer a public space to the authors to share their projects with a wider and diverse audience to discuss and to stimulate academic and public debate on topics of peace and conflict research.

The first ZeFKo Talk is organized by Solveig Richter, Editor, and the team of the Heisen­berg Chair of Inter­national Relations and Trans­national Politics at Leipzig University. It is also the occasion to celebrate the transition from the editorial team from the University of Magde­burg to Leipzig University and to thank Alexander Spencer and his team for three years of exceptional engagement for the ZeFKo.


When: December 10, 2pm – 6pm CET
Where: Live on Zoom | tiny.cc/zefkotalk (password: 101010)

The event will take place in the form of a virtual public round­table, allowing you to engage with the participants in a Q & A session. The language of the event is English.



2.00 pm CET | Introduction

  • Prof. Dr. Solveig Richter (Leipzig University)
  • Prof. Dr. Hartwig Hummel (Düsseldorf University)
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Spencer (Magdeburg University)

2.15 pm CET | “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Global Challenges, Global Responses”

  • Elena Sondermann & Cornelia Ulbert: The Threat of Thinking in Threats: Reframing Global Health During and After COVID-19
  • Andrea Schapper & Anne Jenichen: Cooperation in Times of COVID-19: Realizing the Right to Health in Developing Countries
  • Una Jakob: The Covid19 pandemic in the nexus of biological weapons control, biosecurity and global health

3.15 pm CET | Break

3.30 pm CET | “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Civil and Political Rights”

  • Tareq Sydiq: A year of protests or one of quarantines? Exploring new arenas of conflict articulation
  • Felix S. Bethke & Jonas Wolff: COVID-19 and shrinking civic spaces: patterns and con­sequences
  • Manuela Scheuer­mann: “Women, Peace and Security” under the conditions of COVID-19 pandemics
  • Christian Scheper & Carolin Vestena: The pandemic reveals the state of play in trans­national human rights protection: A plea for a conflict perspective on global supply chains

4.30 pm CET | Break

4.45 pm CET | “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Peace­building and Local Conflicts”

  • Werner Distler: Political crisis and the Corona ‘State of Emergency’ in Kosovo
  • André Bank & Sabine Kurtenbach: COVID-19 as Chance for Peace? Sobering Experiences from Colombia and Syria
  • Luca Eufemia, Camilo Lozano, Tatiana Rodriguez, Martha Del Rio, Héctor Morales-Muñoz, Michelle Bonatti, Stefan Sieber & Katharina Löhr: Peacebuilding in times of COVID-19: risk adapted strategies of cooperation and development projects

5.45 pm CET | Closing Remarks


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