PhD Workshop "Tackling the Turmoil"

Online workshop focused on the understanding of crisis as process


If the COVID-19 has reminded us the vulnerabilities of our society through the event of a pandemic, it is undoubtable that its aftermath in various socio-political and cultural economic forms has marked an era of deep crisis in our modern society. With multifaceted crises constantly evolving around us and scholars trying to make sense of them, research on ongoing processes has become the new normal in many scientific fields. It is thus more than ever significant and necessary to re-think of how to develop meaningful research projects, hence to reflect on the condition of crisis, especially as many researchers in the junior stages have reported difficulties and sought for help, due to their obstacles on the fields and disturbances in traditional research progress.

This online workshop on 12 November 2021, organized by PhD candidates at the Institute for Research on Society and Space (IRS) and the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), aims at "Tackling the Turmoil" in order to better understand crises as ongoing processes. Its main objectives are:

  1. To start with research questions and hypotheses, the workshop seeks to review many research topics, proposed by both the participants and the lecturers, in relevance to the crisis themes and the contemporary society
  2. Regarding the relevant theories, themed lectures followed by Q&A sessions are organized in order to inform about theoretical frameworks and references that may be helpful for participants' own research topics
  3. Methodologically, parallel training workshops are held, distinct by their foci on quantitative and qualitative approaches, which are open to participants to choose from with regard to their own research interests and projects
  4. Eventually, the event will bring the debate forward to the conceptual prospects, on how to “tackle the turmoil”

When: 12 November 2021, 9am-6pm
Where: Online via Zoom

Please find further information on the event, its program and how to register on the IRS's website and the program flyer.

The workshop is supported by the PhD communities at IRSDIWPIK and WZB, and cordial co-promotion by the Leibniz Research Alliance "Crises in a Globalised World”.