Integrated Earth System Research Conference 2022. From Vision to Implementation

First ever conference on ‘Integrated Earth System Research’ is about the human impact on Earth system, societal consequences and challenges for policy; organised by the eponymous Leibniz Research Network

Icelandic aerial views.

Photo by Anders Jildén via Unsplash.

This first ever conference on ‘Integrated Earth System Research’ is dedicated to scientific advances towards a coherent understanding of the increasing human impacts on the Earth system, their societal con­sequences, and respective gov­ernance challenges. It brings together researchers from the natural, engineering and social sciences as well as the humanities for targeted dialogue and to intensify research collaboration.

Integrated Earth system research puts particular emphasis on:

  • Approaches reaching across spatial and temporal scales and societal levels involving both the bio­physical Earth system and the societal world with their dynamic inter­dependencies,
  • Research-based reasoning of evaluation references such as planetary boundaries and planetary justice, and means of their societal negotiation, imple­mentation and monitoring,
  • Trans­formative approaches covering interrelated Earth system and societal world knowledge, research-based target knowledge and sustainability trans­formation knowledge.

The conference responds to observations and projections clearly depicting that securing a habitable Earth critically depends on societal decisions and actions in the near future. The unique coordination and trans­formation tasks require integrated scientific support for society towards a more sustainable Anthro­pocene.

The event is organised by the Leibniz Research Network ‘Integrated Earth System Research’. From PRIF Patrick Flamm and Stefan Kroll  are involved.

Conference themes
Theoretical basis and new methods and models of Integrated Earth System Research; Oceans and their use in the Earth system; Water cycle and inland waters in the Earth system; Bio­diversity in the Earth system; Bio­economy in the Earth system; Urban-rural inter­linkages in the Earth system; Conflicts, crises and security related to the Earth system; Data and tools for Integrated Earth System Research.

Participation is open to all interested researchers from the natural, engineering, social sciences and the humanities. The keynotes and impulse talks are invited. Abstracts for posters on the conference themes can be submitted till 23 th October 2022. Please use the following Email address: lrn-iesr @ioer .de. The authors will receive their notification till 28th October. Dialogues in the parallel sessions and the world café allow for contributions from all participants. The conference language is English.

Participation requires registration. The registration fee is 150 EUR (independent of participation in presence or online) and includes refreshments and the dinner for participants attending in presence. Registration is open and will close on October 31st.

Further information
Furher information can be found on the event website or by sending an Email to: lrn-iesr @ioer .de

When: 8th to 9th November 2022
Where: Albert Einstein Science Park, House H, Telegraphenberg, Potsdam, Germany