In Search of the Radicalized Mainstream: Mobilizing, normalizing and normativizing far-right ideologies from the centre

International Conference organized by RaMi project

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The inter­national conference, organized by RaMi project, aim to explore, discuss, and redefine the relation­ship between the radi­calized margins and the main­stream across different social, regional and historical contexts.

Radi­calized actors/ideologies and the main­stream are usually considered opposing poles. The main­stream is often portrayed as moderate and centrist in terms of its con­victions and policies and placed in oppo­sition to the far-right and far-left. However, findings from the German National Racism Monitor, for example, have shown that attitudes like racism, anti­semitism and Islamo­phobia are deeply rooted within society and are not only held by radical far-right actors – a pheno­menon that has been observed in many countries around the globe.

The symposium and work­shop aim to bring together research that pays particular attention to “the main­stream” as a (hetero­geneous) agent accommo­dating, aligning, justifying, and normalizing far-right actors, actions, and attitudes, as well as the reasons why and the circum­stances under which, this happens.

When: 9-10 November 2023

Where: German Centre for Inte­gration and Migration Research (DeZIM), Mauer­straße 76, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Confercence atten­dance is reserved to active partici­pants. However: Keynote speaker sessions are open to interested persons and can be attended remotely. To access the link, please contact Further infor­mation and the con­ference program can be found on the website of DeZIM Institute.

Keynote speakers:

  • Kristian Harpviken, Peace Research Institute Oslo
  • Michal Krzyzanowski, Uppsala University
  • Ruth Wodak, University of Lancaster/University of Vienna
  • Andreas Zick, University of Bielefeld