Matthias Dembinski, Hans-Joachim Spanger

"Plural Peace" – Principles of a New Russia Policy


Relations between Russia and the West have been in severe crisis since the annexation of the Crimea and there is a danger the situation could escalate. Was this crisis inevitable? The authors discuss explanations put forward by both sides for the current circumstances. To de-escalate the crisis, they are calling for a paradigm shift by the West and present the leitmotif for “Plural Peace”. They show that recognising the normative other is a prerequisite for constructive coexistence and focus on the long-term transformative force of the good example. The authors conclude with suggestions as to how the concept of “Plural Peace” could be implemented in political practice and how the West’s current crisis management might be transformed to permanently settle the conflict.

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Dembinski, Matthias / Spanger, Hans-Joachim (2017): "Plural Peace" – Principles of a New Russia Policy, PRIF Report No. 145, Frankfurt/M.

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