Francis O'Connor, Rosa Burç

Endangered Future

Yezidis in Post-Genocide Iraq and the Need for International Support


As the international memory of ISIS’ genocide against the Yezidi population of Şengal in Northern Iraq recedes, its victims have been left to languish increasingly hopelessly, in refugee camps with little realistic prospect of returning to their homes. Tens of thousands of displaced Yezidis remain dispersed across Northern Iraq, hundreds of kidnapped Yezidi girls and women are unaccounted for and the fates of many of their male relatives unknown. In the short term, there is an urgent need for international protection from further attacks, the recognition of a political status for Şengal and immediate aid for refugee camps to create the conditions for Yezidi genocide survivors to return, resettle and gain a sense of political stability and empowerment.

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O'Connor, Francis / Burç, Rosa (2020): Endangered Future. Yezidis in Post-Genocide Iraq and the Need for International Support, PRIF Spotlight 3/2020, Frankfurt/M.

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