Matthias Dembinski, Kinka Gerke

Cooperation or Conflict?

Transatlantic Relations in Transition


The future of the transatlantic relationship will have a determing effect on the emerging world system. Will the United States and Europe be able to continue and intensify their fifty-year long cooperation and will they be able to use their combined weight to steer world affairs, strengthen international regimes and check challenges and challengers to the international order? Or will their cooperation decay and be replaced by increased competiton and conflict between Europe and the United States? This book edited by Matthias Dembinski and Kinka Gerke of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (Germany) provides answers and develops strategies aimed at restructuring and improving the transatlantic relationship. Experts from both sides of the Atlantic analyse the consequences of domestic change, of the introduction of the Euro, of the European desire to speak and act as a distinct entity in the international affairs and to develop an genuinely European Security and Defense Identity.

Bibliographische Angaben

Matthias Dembinski/Kinka Gerke (Hg.), Cooperation or Conflict? Transatlantic Relations in Transition, Studien der Hessischen Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung Bd. 31, Frankfurt/M. (Campus), 1998