Pascal Abb

China's New Global Security Initiative

A rising power spreads its wings


On 21st February 2023, the Chinese Foreign Ministry released its concept for a “Global Security Initiative”, a white paper outlining the country’s proposed solution to challenges across traditional and non-traditional security issues. While the content mostly amounts to a restatement of long-standing principles and pooling of existing activities under a new label, its packaging as a “global initiative” should be seen as a statement of intent, claiming a much greater role in international politics. The sketched Chinese security agenda differs significantly from that of Western powers in both its principles and practices, making this field a new arena of competition between both sides.

Bibliographische Angaben

Abb, Pascal (2023): China's New Global Security Initiative. A rising power spreads its wings, PRIF Spotlight 2/2023, Frankfurt/M, DOI: 10.48809/prifspot2302.

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