Research Group Radicalization

The research group “Radicalization” investigates the causes and dynamics of radicalization processes (topic 1) as well as their effects on societies (topic 2). In the first topic, radicalization processes within radicalized milieus as well as dynamics of cumulative radicalization and co-radicalization are analyzed. In the second topic, the countermeasures of the state and of civil society actors and the consequences that result for society are taken into consideration. The research group thus builds on the existing research traditions of PRIF in the areas of terrorism and political violence, transnational violence, prevention and political education and comparative conflict research. Furthermore, the research group bundles them across disciplines and across program areas in relation to research on various (transnational) political phenomena and religious radicalization.

Although these analyses of the complex causes and dynamics of radicalization as well as their perception in politics and society are located in basic research, the research group also focuses on the dialogical transfer of knowledge through a wide network of practice partners.