Understandings of diversity and institutionalisation of diversity at the police

Dealing with post­migrant diversity is a current challenge for state insti­tutions in Germany. Demo­graphic change as well as debates on racism lead to pressure to deal with quest­ions of belong­ing, represen­tation and partici­pation of people with migration back­ground. In Germany, an effort by police to address and employ people with migrat­ion back­ground in recruit­ment cam­paigns can be observed. However, this diversi­fication does not necessa­rily lead to institu­tional change due to the estab­lished cop culture and organi­zational culture.

Even if there is no para­digm shift yet, a change in the way the German police is dealing with post­migrant diversity can be observed. This disser­tation project uses ethno­metho­dological methods and quali­tative inter­views to investi­gate under­standings of diver­sity within the German police by analyz­ing practices of creat­ing diver­sity.