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Cluster bombs
Conflicts of minorities in Europe
Democracies at war
Democracy and Digitalization
Drones / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / Autonomous Weapons
Environment, conflict and cooperation
Feminist Foreign Policy / Feminist Theories of Peace and Conflict Research
Flight and refugee policy
German Federal Armed Forces
Humanitarian fundamentals in security sectors
International arms trade
Mercosur, Andean Pact, UNASUR, OAS
Micro-disarmament (small arms/light weapons)
Middle East conflict
Military strategies and technologies
Nationalism / Ethnic conflicts
New Wars / Uneven development (North-south conflicts)
North Macedonia
Palestinian territories
Prevention of mass atrocities
Private security companies/ Privatisation of security
Religion and politics, religious conflicts
Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA)
Secret Services
Security Policy in Subsaharan Africa
Shrinking und Closing Spaces
Six- Party-Talks (North Korea)
Sudan/ South Sudan/ Darfur
Targeted Killings
Theories of democratic peace
Transnational companies / Companies in conflict areas
Urban development / Urban conflicts
Wahlen und Wahlbeobachtung