Whether as a post-doc or doctoral candidate, in admin­istration or in knowledge transfer and public relations - we offer a variety of career oppor­tunities.

PRIF//HSFK stands for teamwork: We have a collegial and colla­borative working atmos­phere, the hierarchies are flat, and helpful­ness and mutual appre­ciation characterize us. Equal opportunities for women and men are an important concern for us, as is the recon­ciliation of work and family life – together, we under­stand them as important factors for the success of our work.

The inter­disciplinary environment at PRIF brings together researchers from the social sciences and humanities to the natural and technical sciences. For researchers at all stages of their careers, we provide a wide range of oppor­tunities for continuing education and networking.

Our doctoral candidates receive excellent academic training: Along with the super­vision of dissertation projects, they are fully involved in re­search, public relations and policy advice. We foster their national and inter­national networking as well as their methodological and key compe­tences. They gain qualifications for careers at uni­versities and independent re­search institutes, for working in policy-making, business, science manage­ment and in civil society or inter­national organizations.