The #PRIF@School_Award was first announced for the school term 2021/22. It addresses Hessian students from grade 9 to 13 of all school types. Through the competition, PRIF aims to strengthen civic education on peace and conflict research topics in Hessian schools, encouraging all types of schools to participate. The award is worth a total of 600 Euro. The sum is divided between the winning entries.


The Ernst-Otto Czempiel Award

In honor of its former, long-serving director Ernst-Otto Czempiel, PRIF has established an award to recognize the best post-doctoral monograph published in the field of international peace research during the previous two to three years. Each award holds a value of 5,000 Euro.


The Albert Osswald Foundation's Hessian Peace Prize

The Hessian Peace Prize was founded on 16 October 1993 by the former Prime Minister of the state of Hesse, Albert Osswald, and his foundation. It is awarded to individuals who have rendered outstanding service to furthering mutual understanding among nations and peace. Each year, an awardee selected by the Hessian Peace Prize committee receives the award of 25,000 Euro. PRIF advises the committee in the selection of awardees and documents the award ceremonies.