Organizational structure

Whereas the Executive Board of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF) is responsible for managing the institute, the Board of Trustees supervises the management of the institute and approves the budget. The Scientific Advisory Board supports PRIF in the design and implementation of the institute's research programs.

The Research Council is a body that includes all of PRIF's scholars. Together with the Executive Board it decides on the research program and on the research projects conducted at PRIF.

The Science Communication Department supports the scholars in entering into dialogue with politics and society.

The administration ensures that the scientific management and the employees are able to realize their projects and goals in consideration of the legal, financial and personnel framework.


Research Departments

An overarching, multi-year research program allows central theoretical and empirical questions to be sys­tem­at­ic­ally approached from different perspectives. We deal with pressing questions of peace and conflict research in five research departments:

  • International Security: Research depart­ment I addresses inter­national security policy, parti­cu­larly states’ capa­bilities for military violence and how they can be controlled and limited.
  • International Institutions: Research depart­ment II focusses on the institutional conditions of peace and especially the relation­ship between institutional charac­teristics of inter­national organizations and regimes and the establish­ment of sustain­able peace.
  • Transnational Politics: Research depart­ment III studies the trans­national dimension of conflict and peace, focusing on activities of non-state actors and how trans­national phenomena impact peace and security.
  • Intrastate Conflict: Research depart­ment IV examines peace and conflict at the intra­state level. Its particular concern is with the organi­zation and trans­formation of political rule and the inter­national dimension of intra­state conflicts.
  • Glocal Junctions: Research depart­­ment V studies conflict and peace processes in glocal situations and the entangle­­ments of local, regional, and global life-worlds and action constel­lations.

Organizational Chart

As of July 2024