Schlagenbad Talks

The Schlangenbad Talks (“Schlangenbader Gespräche”) were a series of German-Russian bilateral conferences that addressed current issues in foreign policy and security. This annual gathering of around 50 high-ranking participants from government, the military, the private sector and journalism has been held since 1998. Currently, the talks are suspended in the face of the Russian attack on Ukraine and it is uncertain when and how the talks will be re-established.

The Schlangenbad Talks were jointly organized by PRIF (under the leadership of Dr. Hans-Joachim Spanger) and the Moscow office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Additional support was drawn from our cooperation partners, the Moscow office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO). Past cooperation partners have included: the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy (SVOP), the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO) and the Unity for Russia Foundation.

For further information on upcoming or past talks, including programs, lists of participants and conference reports, please visit the Schlagenbad Talks Homepage and follow the corresponding links (available in German and Russian only).

Topics of past Schlangenbad Talks:

2019A New World Order? Challenges to Europe's Self-Assertion
2018Conflict Escalation and No End in Sight? German-Russian Relations After the Elections
2017The Liberal World Order and its Challengers
2016Germany and Russia: a new "Reset"?


The End of the European Home: What’s Next?
2014Russia, Europe and the West: the New Schism
2013Crisis: Global Change and its Bilateral Consequences
2012The European Union and Russia between Stability and Progress
2011Beyond Noble Intentions: Russia, the West and the Challenges of Sustainability
2010Opportunities for Cooperation Renewed: Russia and the West after the "Reset"
2009Crisis and Decision: the International Order on Trial
2008Multipolarism, Systemic Challenges and a new Era of Confrontation?
2007Strategic Partnership Between Interlocking and Demarcation
2006Bilateralism versus Multilateralism? Prospects and Limits of a German-Russian "Sonderweg"
2005"The German-Russian Relations Have Hardly Ever Been as Good as they Are now." Are they at a crossroads?
2004Carry on? Strategic Partnership between Security and Democracy
2003Politics of Hegemony - Hegemony of Politics? The New International Order
2002The End of Transition? Russia's Place in the New International Order
2001Strategic Partnership - Second Attempt
2000Europe in Search of a Political Order: Integration or Multipolarity
1999Russia and Joint Crisis Management
1998The Founding Act between NATO and the Russian Federation - one Year After