Climate change, environmental movements and transformations of rural space in Colombia

Climate and environ­mental changes are massively transforming agricultural spaces in many parts of the world: soil is losing organic matter due to warming between droughts and floods, insects and especially plant pests are multi­plying more. In addition, there is erosion and destruction due to direct inter­ventions in nature, such as extractive raw material extraction or mono­cultures. These changes are understood and perceived differently by the people affected. Perceptions of nature, land and climate are shaped by different local cultural traditions, but are increasingly inter­twined with debates and environ­mental organi­zations of a global dimension. In addition, the large-scale projects of globally active extraction companies have a concrete impact on the ground.

The research project investi­gates inter­sections of these multi-axial problems by examining exemplary conflicts over territories in Colombia. The project analyzes local responses to very concrete global environ­mental problems on the basis of the positions and context of environ­mental movements, peasant organi­zations and local political repre­sentatives.

Project director:
Resisting Energy Transition? Understanding Roadblocks in Northern Colombia | 2024

Gubsch, Martin / García Conejero, Elena (2024): Resisting Energy Transition? Understanding Roadblocks in Northern Colombia, PRIF Spotlight 4/2024, Frankfurt/M, DOI: 10.48809/prifspot2404.

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