Security Conflicts, Security Concepts and Security Actors in Nigeria

The dissertation “Security conflicts, security concepts and security actors in Nigeria” investigated local perceptions of a selection of measures in the area of police reform in Nigeria.

Everyday reforms for a security architecture

Nigerian society is characterized by profound security deficits as, among other aspects, there is a high degree of mistrust among uniformed representatives of state power and “ordinary” citizens. This ethnographical project by Nina Müller set out to research whether and how reform efforts pursued by international and national actors aimed at improving the security architecture at the local level manifest themselves in everyday life along with their underlying negotiation processes.

The doctoral procedures were completed in 2018. The PhD thesis will be published in PRIF’s series Studien des Leibniz-Instituts HSFK with VS-Springer in 2020.

Project director:
  • Müller, Nina