Functional Change in Conventional Arms Control in Europe

The dynamic functional change and development of the CFE Treaty since the end of East-West conflict forms the basis for this study. It offered particular outline conditions for checking to what extent four different theories of international relations (Neorealism, Hegemonic Stability Theory, Normative Institutionalism and Utilitarian Institutionalism) might explain the changes and adjustments of the regime and its continued functioning. The results of the project should contribute towards a better understanding of the causes of regime change and regime adjustment and clarify which theoretical hypotheses (or hypothesis) are (is) best suited to explaining the empirical findings.

Der Wandel in der konventionellen Rüstungskontrolle | 2004

Hans-Joachim Schmidt, Der Wandel in der konventionellen Rüstungskontrolle, Studien der Hessischen Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung, Bd. 45, Frankfurt/M. (Campus), 2004

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