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After 20 years, U.S. and NATO troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan in 2021. Now the evaluation of the mission, its direct and indirect consequences, but also the consequences of the withdrawal are in the spotlight. Peace Research in general as well as PRIFs researchers deal with the complex of topics from different perspectives this page offers an overview of current contributions, but also backgrounds and assessments from the 20 years of the Afghanistan mission.



PRIF Blog Series on the End of the Afghanistan Mission

Pressing questions are being raised now – and will be discussed in the series on PRIF Blog: What were the objectives of the military mission, which under the command of NATO and the U.S. involved a large number of troop contributing countries, including Germany? Could these goals be achieved? Which objectives proved to be mistaken? Which lessons can be drawn for future military interventions? What does the troop withdrawal mean for current negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban? And are there prospects for a lasting ceasefire or even sustainable peace process in Afghanistan?


Media contributions from PRIF’s researchers

  • Interview with Caroline Fehl on assessment of deployment and withdrawal in the U.S., hr-INFO, Aug. 17, 2021 (in German).
  • Interview with Matthias Dembinski on the announced troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, hr-INFO, 16.04.2021.

Backgrounds and older contributions

Parallel to the Afghanistan mission, PRIF researchers have produced numerous publications over the years. Both PRIF in-house publications and articles in scientific journals and anthologies were dedicated to the topic and its sub-aspects from the perspective of different research topics and approaches. The list below represents only a part of these publications and is continuously supplemented. In addition, PRIF’s Publication Search is available to search for further publications on the topic and its sub-aspects.

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