Gender Equality in Peacebuilding

New pilot project by Simone Wisotzki and Victoria Scheyer on backlashes against gender-sensitive human rights

Image shows Ukrainian women fleeing shot through open train doors

Ukrainians are fleeing Russian aggression. Przemyśl, Poland, Foto: Mirek Pruchniki, 27.02.2022, via wikimedia commons, Lizenz: CC-by-2.0

In recent years, much progress has been made in the area of gender-sensitive human rights, both in the deve­lop­ment of norms and in their im­plemen­tation. Never­the­less there has al­ways been re­sistance, which also affects the im­plemen­tation of gender-sensitive human rights in peace­building. Such “back­lashes” do not al­ways come from con­ser­vative re­ligious groups, but can also re­sult, for example, from the cri­tique of a liberal under­standing of human rights. The new pilot project by Simone Wisotzki and Victoria Scheyer there­fore brings to­gether different strands of fe­minist re­search, in order to exa­mine how key stake­holders who im­ple­ment gender-sensitive human rights in peace­building deal with gender back­lashes. For further in­formation consult the project page.

The pilot project is funded by the German Foun­dation for Peace Re­search (DSF).