The International Organisation of the Democratic Peace

New PRIF study on the efficiency of regional security institutions

The theses of peace through democratisation and peace through institutions are the results of two popular research traditions, that have been followed widely independently from each other within the scientific community. But empirical inconsistencies gradually led to a growing skepticism towards these two approaches.

Now, a group of scientist around Matthias Dembinski (PRIF) and Andreas Hasenclever (University of Tübingen) has developped an approach that combines both the theory of Democratic Peace and Peace through institutionalisation which is able to overcome their conceptual shortcomings: the inter-democratic institutions-approach.

In the study "Die internationale Organisation des Demokratischen Friedens. Studien zur Leistungsfähigkeit regionaler Sicherheitsinstitutionen" (The International Organisation of the Democratic Peace: Studies upon the Efficiency of Regional Security Institutions) the authors explore the institutional nexus and the conflictual behaviour of thoroughly selected strategic rivals within the European, the Asian and the Latinamerican region. The scientists test assumptions on inter-democratic institutions and scrutinise their plausibility.


The volume is the ninth edition of the "Studien der Hessischen Stifungen Friedens- und Konfliktforschung" (PRIF Studies) and was published at Nomos Publishing House. It is available in book stores for EUR 34,- and contains contributions by Matthias Dembinski (PRIF), Katja Freistein (University of Frankfurt), Andreas Hasenclever (University of Tübingen), Britta Weiffen (University of Constance), Makiko Yamauchi (University of Tübingen).