Putin’s Impossible War

New PRIF Working Paper by Matthias Dembinski examines the non-rational in international politics

Vladimir Putin

Foto: Kremlin.ru via wikimedia commons, CC BY 4.0 DEED

Putin’s decision to go to war was based on the assumpt­ion of a positive cost-benefit-calculation. Almost two years later, it is clear that the costs of aggress­ion are astro­nomical and the benefits meagre. Such mis­calculat­ions challenge the foun­dation of ratio­nalist theories such as stra­tegic studies. The new PRIF Working Paper No. 60 by Matthias Dembinski asks how funda­mental this challenge is. The article further­more investi­gates how strategic studies could re­position itself in order to im­prove its ana­lytical and prog­nostic ability in a world in which surpris­ingly often political decis­ions are not in line with assumpt­ions of rationality.

Download (pdf): Dembinski, Matthias (2023): Putins unmöglicher Krieg: Überlegungen zum Nicht-Rationalen in der internationalen Politik, PRIF Working Papers No. 60, Frankfurt/M.