PRIF congratulates the „UNI goes UNO“ project of Frankfurt University

The team around Prof. Tanja Brühl has been awarded the University Award of Hesse for Excellent Teaching

The project „Uni goes UNO“ under PRIF’s patronage has been honoured with the „Hessische Hochschulpreis für Exzellenz in der Lehre“ (University Award of Hesse for Excellent Teaching). In this project students put themselves in the place of diplomats who engage in negotiations in the framework of the United Nations. The students’ challenge is to thoroughly understand and learn about foreign countries in order to represent their interests successfully. Important are the key qualifications attained that way: Creating results under time pressure, rhetoric, presentation and fluent discussion skills in English, fundraising, public relations, team work and management experience.


PRIF congratulates Prof. Dr Tanja Brühl and her team and is especially proud of the fact that PRIF researcher Elvira Rosert belongs to this award-winning team. The team received the first project award which is endowed with 150.000 EUR.


The project awards amount to 375.000 EUR altogether. Funding was provided by the State of Hesse and the Hertie Foundation. It is therefore the highest-priced public award of this kind in Germany. 34 applications had been submitted, only five of which were successful.


Please find further information about the „Hessische Hochschulpreis für Exzellenz in der Lehre“ at the web site of Hesse’s Ministery of Higher Education, Research and the Arts at