Out now: “Corona and Society” (in German)

Anthology with the participation of D. Mullis and P. Zschocke on political and everyday practical aspects of the pandemic

Children's scooter on a bicycle stand

Photo: Daniel Mullis

From March to May 2020, the Corona Monitor project documented numerous reports on social trans­formation and social struggles in the pandemic and subsequently published articles on its own blog. Now some of these articles have been published together with new texts in the anthology "Corona and Society - Social Struggles in the Pandemic". The authors shed light on political and everyday aspects of the pandemic from a social science and activist perspective.

Daniel Mullis, Research Associate at PRIF, comments on the publication as follows:

Even in the midst of the current fourth wave of the Corona pandemic, discussions about the right way to deal with it continue. However, it has long been clear that the pandemic affects people in very different ways. It is people who are economically worse off, migrants and women, as well as older people and children, who are particularly affected.

In spring 2020, we documented the very rapid social and political upheavals online with the corona-monitor in a co­operative process. Now we are very pleased that with the book 'Corona and Society', published by Mandelbaum Verlag, we have created a place to reflect with more knowledge on what has been collected.

In the fifteen contri­butions, the various authors deal with diverse aspects of social struggles around labour relations, the right to stay and the right to leave, fundamental rights, social exclusion and possibilities to be in solidarity.

The book is available for 18.00 € in the Mandelbaum Verlag online shop. A reading sample (in German) is also available on the publisher's website.



Since March 2020, the Corona pandemic has accelerated politics as well as social processes in Germany in a way that makes it difficult to classify. The project "Corona Monitor" responds to this situation with an online pad for documenting social trans­formation in times of Corona. In the pad, data on all politically and socially relevant aspects of the pandemic are collected in an open process. Initially, the open Working Group Critical Geography, the network of the Association for Critical Social Research (AkG) and the Institute for Protest and Movement Research (ipb) were invited to participate directly. The result is probably the most comprehensive collection of data, information and references to further projects on very different facets of the Corona crisis in Germany. The collection, which is constantly being added to, is intended to create a research infra­structure for accomp­anying research and future scientific analysis of the Corona crisis. For the purpose of structuring, checking the sources and archiving the collectively created database, Daniel Mullis and Paul Zschocke took the lead in initiating an independent website and a Zotero database.