On the Internal and External Dimension of a Peace Process

In HSFK-Report 11/2007, Bernhard Moltmann examines how Northern Ireland could be a model for promoting peace in international conflicts in general

Today, the peace process in Northern Ireland can be regarded as a successful one. Violence could be stopped and conflicts of interest are being solved in political-institutional mechanisms.


In HSFK-Report 11/2007 „Nordirland: Die Außenwelt der Innenwelt. Die externe Dimension einer Konfliktgeschichte“ (Northern Ireland: The Outer World of the Inner World. The external dimension of a conflict history), Bernhard Moltmann analyzes the interdependency of internal and external aspects of the conflict in Northern Ireland. He finds out that this process could be a model for other conflicts, even though the economic boom and the benevolent environment are not the typical concomitants of conflicts. A closer look on the development in the Northern Ireland peace process reveals how the interconnection of inner and outer world can promote peace in international conflicts in general.


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