Social Movements in Conflicts about Inequality and Diversity

Nicole Doerr is new guest professor at PRIF and ConTrust

Nicole Doerr, Foto: privat

PRIF welcomes Nicole Doerr from the University of Copen­hagen as a visiting professor. During her stay from January to June 2023, she will colla­borate with ConTrust scientists at PRIF and at Goethe Uni­versity. At the University of Copen­hagen’s Depart­ment of Sociology, she directs the CoMMonS Research Centre for Political Mobili­sation and Social Move­ment Studies.

Nicole Doerr's primary research interest is a com­parative perspective on demo­cracy and gender, civil society and conflicts around green transition, migration, religious and cultural diver­sity. She conducted com­parative ethno­graphic research on questions of power and inequality within demo­cratic partici­pation and deli­berative processes in citizen assem­blies in Germany, the United States, the UK, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, South Africa, and Turkey. In colla­boration with computer scientists, Nicole Doerr studies social move­ments and conten­tious public debates about gender, race/ethnicity and climate politics across countries. She combines critical quali­tatitive methods for the visual and lin­guistic digital analysis of big data.

Her recent publi­cations include, amongst numerous journal articles, her 2018 book “Political Translation–How Social Move­ment Demo­cracies Survive” (Cambridge University Press).