New DFG Network on the Far Right

Right-wing extremism research from the perspective of human geography on “territorializations of the far right”

[Translate to English:] AfD-Zweitstimmenergebnisse bei Bundestagswahl 2017 auf Gemeindeebene (Ausschnitt) | Quelle: Förtner/Belina/Naumann 2019,

[Translate to English:] AfD-Zweitstimmenergebnisse bei Bundestagswahl 2017 (Ausschnitt) | Quelle: Förtner/Belina/Naumann 2019,

Together with Dr. Anke Schwarz (TU Dresden), Dr. Jan Simon Hutta (University of Bayreuth/TU Dresden) and Valentin Domann (HU Berlin), our colleague Dr. Daniel Mullis has successfully raised DFG funds for the scientific network “Territoriali­sierungen der radikalen Rechten – Raum­aneignungen und diskursive Rahmungen” (Territoriali­zations of the far right – spatial appropria­tions and discursive framings). The network, located in the field of human geography, has a duration of three years and provides a continuous working framework for 20 researchers of all qualification levels. Due to the current pandemic, the network will not start its actual work until spring 2021.

The aim of the network is to question the suitability of the concept of territoriali­zation, especially in connection with the romanic speaking conceptual tradition for the analysis of right-wing practices. On the one hand, it examines the practices of appropria­tion of space by the far right, and on the other hand, the territoriali­zing discursive framing of these actors by media, academic works, and everyday narratives. The focus is on bringing together perspectives on the forms of conflict and the negotiation of discourses, images and practices as well as social and political structures. In addition, the network also turns to local figurations during the meetings on site. Various cooperative publications are planned as well as the processing of the joint debates for the transfer of knowledge in schools or in political education.