Humanitarian Military Interventions

DSF Supports Research on Effects and Modes of Humanitarian Military Interventions

In February 2023, the German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF) approved an application for funding for the project "Effects and Modes of Impact of Humanitarian Military Interventions". The project uses a dataset that was compiled at the HSFK, also with financial support from the DSF. Thorsten Gromes is conducting the project together with Matthias Dembinski. With the funding, the HSFK is hiring a*n PhD student and student assistants.

The project investigates how humanitarian military interventions affect the duration and intensity of violent conflicts. The aim is to gain systematic knowledge about the effects of so-called humanitarian military interventions, which are also discussed as operations under the international responsibility to protect or as protection of civilians in peacekeeping missions. The project promises to make an important contribution to the widely discussed question of whether humanitarian military interventions as a whole do more harm than good. It also elaborates the conditions under which humanitarian military interventions are associated with an end or decrease in violence or with an escalation or prolongation of armed conflict.