Göttingen Peace Prize for Bernhard Moltmann's expert group on arms exports

The expert group on arms export of the "Gemeinsame Konferenz Kirche und Entwicklung" was awarded the Göttingen Peace Prize 2011 on 5th March

The expert group "Arms Export" of the Gemeinsame Konferenz Kirche und Entwicklung (GKKE, ecumenical association that deals with development policy) together with their chairman and PRIF visiting fellow Dr. Bernhard Moltmannwas awarded with the prize for their annual report on German armament exports, that is published by the GKKE. The report evaluates its findings according the peace ethical criteria.


The award is endowed with 3,000 Euros and is granted to groups or persons that rendered outstanding scientific and practical services to peace. The expert group shares the award with the ecumenical initiative "Ohne Rüstung leben" ("Live without armament").


Bernhard Moltmann has been visiting fellow at PRIF in the programme area IV "Governance and Societal Peace" since 2007. Prelate Dr. Bernhard Felmberg, evangelic chairman of GKKE, underlined that Moltmann "has been the creative force of the annual report on arms exports for 14 years. Numerous times he initiated political dialogue as well as cooperation with campaigns and action alliances."


The Peace Research Institute Frankfurt is intensifying its monitoring of arms export policy and has therefore established a special working group. Simone Wisotzki (focusing on: arms trade treaty, UN Small Arms Program of Action), Matthias Dembinski (European armament export policy) and Bernhard Moltmann (German armament export policy) are members of this group. Upcoming publications will for example discuss the problem of transparency in terms of armament export policy and the EU code of conduct for arms exports.