Evaluating Web Videos and Livestreams

Authors of the PrEval team develop and test evaluation approaches for digital formats in civic education

Titelbild PRIF Report 8/2021 (Foto: via pixabay.com/Bearbeitung: Anja Feix).

Especially for young adults, the Internet is a place of socialization. By liking, sharing, and commenting on content, information can spread quickly and en masse. However, this also applies to the dis­semination of dis­information, which poses ever greater challenges to the democratic formation of opinion and will. In order to educate this young target group in particular about the dangers of dis­information, to sensitize them to it, and to strengthen their media literacy and media criticism skills, the Bundes­zentrale für politische Bildung (bpb) has developed its own digital formats. As part of the “UnFAKE” project and in co­operation with so-­called “creators”, web videos and live­streams have been developed that are intended to address their followers at eye level and convey politically educational content.

The authors of this report scientifically accompanied the creation and publication of these web videos as part of the PrEval project. The pilot study focused on the question of how the processes and effects of such digital formats for political education can be evaluated. In dialogue with the staff of the bpb, the PrEval team developed evaluation approaches and participatory instruments and tested them within the framework of the project.

This pilot study presents the project as well as the tested evaluation instruments and discusses which potentials the use of web videos and live­streams offers in the context of civic education.

Download: Theis, Désirée/Verhovnik-Heinze, Melanie/Kroll, Stefan/Kierek, Keshia: Webvideos und Live­stream zur Auf­klärung über Des­information. Evaluations­ansätze zu digitalen Formaten in der politischen Bildung, PRIF Report 8/2021, Frankfurt/M.

Further information on the project “PrEval Evaluation Designs for Prevention Measures” at preval.hsfk.de (in German).