Rethinking the Role of African Elder Statesmen in Mediation

Gilbert Khadiagala is new guest professor at PRIF

Gilbert Khadiagala, Photo: private

PRIF welcomes Gilbert Khadiagala, Jan Smuts Professor of International Relations at Witwatersrand University as a visiting professor. During his two-month stay from June to July 2023, he will collaborate with PRIF researchers at the research department “Glocal Junctions”.

His particular research interest is conflict resolution in Africa. His research, “Rethinking the Role of African Elder Statesmen in Mediation,” examines the contemporary intervention of experienced African mediators in conflicts. He explores the question of whether the cultural values, traditions and symbols mobilized by mediators can lead to effective conflict resolution.

During his stay, Gilbert Khadiagala participated in the Author's Workshop on Local Perspectives on Regional Interventions in Africa with scientists from Burkina Faso, Germany, Gambia, Norway, Sweden, and the Central African Republic.

Gilbert Khadiagala is the author and editor of numerous articles, mongraphs, and edited volumes. Most recently, he published the edited volume “War and Peace in Africa's Great Lakes Region” (Springer, 2017).