Harald Müller

Building a New World Order

Sustainable Policies for the Future


Peace and security are fundamental concepts for everyone involved in the struggle for sustainable development. But our world is shaped by different value systems, cultures and ideologies, as well as by faith, morals and passions, that at times can seem utterly irreconcilable. Nevertheless, truly sustainable policies must be able to function in a world that does not consist solely of one world view.Building a New World Order: Sustainable Policies for the Future demonstrates how the conditions for sustainable development might be created, and why all our futures are dependent on a global engagement and involvement, not just that of a few selected statesmen.



Originally published as "Wie kann eine neue Weltordnung aussehen? Wege in eine nachhaltige Politik". English Translation by Matthew Harris. 

Bibliographic record

Harald Müller, Building a New World Order. Sustainable Policies for the Future, London (Haus Publishing), 2009.