Carolin Liss

Assessing Contemporary Maritime Piracy in Southeast Asia

Trends, Hotspots and Responses


In 2013 insular Southeast Asia was the region most prone to pirate attacks in theworld. Carolin Liss takes a close look at contemporary piracy in this region,examines the nature of pirate attacks and identifies recent piracy trends andhotspots. Has there been a shift or change in comparison to the last piracy boomin this region between the 1990s and the mid-2000s? And what could be done toensure piracy does not worsen, to protect those targeted by attacks in the futureand guarantee the safety of the region’s primary maritime shipping routes?Carolin Liss demonstrates that, unlike in waters such as the wider Gulf of Adenarea, there is no need for international warships or armed private security guardson ships in Southeast Asia. Instead, it is important to work out tailored responsesto the specific types of attacks as well as adopt broader measures which addressthe root causes of piracy.

Bibliographic record

Liss, Carolin (2014): Assessing Contemporary Maritime Piracy in Southeast Asia. Trends, Hotspots and Responses, PRIF Report No. 125, Frankfurt/M.

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