PRIF publishes first children's book

"Die Wutbanane" deals with different forms of government – child-oriented democracy education for teachers and parents

As part of the exhibition project Making Crises Visible, PRIF has published its first children's book. "Die Wutbanane" ("The Rage Banana") by Susanne Boetsch vividly tells how little Ida explains to the banana, apple, pear and other fruit in a fruit salad how they can assert their interests. Through this story, which is illustrated by numerous drawings, primary school children learn what different forms of government exist, how co-determination through elections works and how democracy can serve as an instrument to represent the interests of the people.

Within the framework of Making Crises Visible, students of the Offenbach University of Art and Design develop creative visualizations and comments on the research results of the Leibniz Research Alliance "Crises in a Globalized World". PRIF is coordinating the project in a leading role. Together with other partners and sponsors an exhibition has been created that combines art with science and enters into dialogue with the public through an interactive and innovative design. The results of this collaboration will be on display in the Senckenberg Museum from 11 February.

"Die Wutbanane" is published by Springer Verlag and will be available on 8 March 2020. The eBook is available now.

You are a teacher and would like to discuss the book in class? Please contact our public relations team by e-mail to redaktion @hsfk .de.


Book Preview