Working Group "Disarmament and Nonproliferation of Biological and Chemical Weapons"

The purpose of the Working Group is to deepen the know­ledge of its members about biological and chemical weapons control, to follow current national and inter­national develop­ments and examine their implications, and to discuss options for strengthening the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions (BWC, CWC). The members of the Working Group address fundamental questions of non­proliferation and disarmament and of biological and chemical security as well as current developments and problems in the pertaining regimes and in (peace) research.

The Working Group is interdisciplinary in nature and serves as the German network for people dealing with all aspects of biological and chemical weapons control, whether from a theoretical or a policy-oriented perspective, and whether involved actively or as observers. Members include parliamentarians, former and current government officials, industry representatives, and researchers from the life sciences, social sciences and international law.

Prof. Dr. Kathryn Nixdorff (TU Darmstadt), Una Becker-Jakob (PRIF), Dr. Mirko Himmel and Dr. Gunnar Jeremias (University of Hamburg).


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