RADIS Kick-Off – Research network starts work

Research network on radical Islam has started with over one hundred researchers

A Germany-wide research net­work began its work with a conference on April 15 and 16, in which more than 100 researchers in twelve research net­works deal with the causes and effects of radical Islam in Ger­many and Europe. In an inter­disciplinary way, the following questions will be investi­gated: Which strategies do Islamists use to put pressure on Muslim communities? How can radical Islam be counter­acted? How do Muslims per­ceive the changes triggered by Islamist radica­lization and what is dis­cussed, taught or preached in Muslim milieus?

The research net­work is or­ganized by the RADIS network. PRIF (coordination), the Institute for Inter­disciplinary Conflict and Violence Research (IKG) at Bielefeld Univer­sity and the Violence Preven­tion Network (VPN) are involved. Under the direction of Dr. Julian Junk and Philipp Offermann the researchers have set them­selves the goal of the transfer project to coor­dinate the scientific net­working of those involved and to convey findings from research to the specialist public, specialist practice and decision-makers. RADIS also coor­dinates a large net­work of young scientists.

Over the next few years, the joint work of the research alliances will be structured across various content clusters. The individual projects benefit from joint research access and know­ledge transfer stra­tegies.

More information about RADIS are available on www.RADIS-Forschung.de .