Western Appeal „Bring the adapted CFE-Treaty into Force“ gets Support from Russia

Former diplomats and scientists from Europe and North America appealed to bring the adapted CFE Treaty into Force – now Russian colleagues replied with an appeal of their own

The Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE Treaty) is a cornerstone of European security and the key element of the co-operative approach to security agreed upon in the Charter of Paris of November 1990. But now, due to disagreements between NATO countries and Russia, the whole regime is in serious danger. The States parties to the treaty are currently engaged in efforts to seek a compromise that could salvage this vital document.


Against this background an international appeal to “Bring the Adapted Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE Treaty) into Force” was launched in November 2007. It is supported by 33 former diplomats and senior research associates from ten countries that are States parties to the treaty. The list of signatories can be viewed here. In order to underline the international character of the appeal, it is being circulated in English, Russian and German. The appeal has been published on the websites of the following organizations on 28 November 2007:



All Documents:

Appeal in English

Appeal in German

Appeal in Russian

List of Signatories (in English)



Responding to the international appeal “Bring the Adapted CFE Treaty into Force”, issued in November 2007 by former diplomats and scientists from the USA and Western Europe, about 30 prominent Russian scholars and diplomats have presented the statement “Revitalize the CFE Regime” at a press conference in Moscow on 20 March 2008. 

Please click the following Link to view the Russian statement “Re-vitalize the CFE Treaty Regime – Russian Academic and Public Leaders Appeal”.