Violence in a Homeostatic System – the Case of Honduras

In Prif Report No. 83 Heidrun Zinecker analyzes the causes of the high crime rates in Honduras

Honduras is one of the most violent states in Latin America. Paradoxically the weak security sector and the escalation of criminal violence involve a strengthening of the government. So how to decrease the crime rate without endangering the political stability?


Heidrun Zinecker shows in her PRIF Report Violence in a Homeostatic System- the Case of Honduras that the problem needs to be tackled in diverse ways: Poverty as well as criminal violence have to be reduced.


After her studies on Colombia, Guatemala, and El Salvador, Heidrun Zinecker publishes her fourth case study assembled in the project "Phenotypes and Causality of Violence in Latin America" funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.