Vacant seats at Spring Academy on Security Politics

If you missed the deadline for the 20th Spring Academy application you have now another chance to participate!

Liberal democracies hardly ever fight each other by force of arms. This is one important finding in the long-term research in political science. But does this imply that the promotion of democracy, possibly by the use of military force, is reasonable? The Bush administration prioritized democracy promotion by the means of war - the damages resulting from this policy are immense. But how sincere is the damage that has been inflicted on the democratic peace theory? A theory that still is rather unfinished and that still leaves many questions unanswered? What kind of war do democracies wage and what for? Is it correct that civilians within a democracy tend to be more averse to violence and therefore urge their governments to military restraint? And if so, why is it that intra-societal conflicts, that aim at democratisation, are being fought on an exceptionally brutal level? What about parliamentary control when it comes to the decision about war? Which role does democracy promotion play in the Obama administration? These questions and many more regarding the theory and practice of democratic peace are in the focus of the *"20th Spring Academy on Security Politics - Theory and practice of the democratic peace: current research results and perspectives"* from 14 to 26 March, 2010, organized by PRIF and the Atlantische Akademie Rheinland Pfalz (AARP).

The academy primarily aims at advanced students and PhD candidates. The number of participants is limited to 30 persons. A few vacancies are now available again to be filled! In order to receive a certificate participants have to take a three-hour written examination. The academy takes place at the Pfalzakademie Lambrecht, it includes excursions to NATO and EU in Brussels. The participation fee of 300 euros includes the costs of preparatory materials and teaching events, as well as accommodation and full board in a double room (single rooms are available for 600 euros).

Please click here for the programme (pdf-download in German).

Interested scholars please contact:

Prof. Dr Berthold Meyer
c/o PRIF
Baseler Str. 27-31
60329 Frankfurt
Phone +49 (0) 69 / 95 91 04-0
E-mail: FASIP.20 @hsfk .de