Theories of Peace and War from Antiquity to 1830

PRIF’s librarian Stephan Nitz publishes in-depth commented bibliography of the history of theory of peace

Stephan Nitz, PRIF’s librarian for over 25 years, has assembled a commented bibliography of peace theory from antiquity to 1830. This first of a three-volume bibliography has been published as volume 7 of PRIF’s study series with Nomos publishing house. It portraits the development from ancient times to the end of classic philosophy: Peace ideas of the world religions and traditions of European philosophy, theology and international law from Platon to Hegel, from Thukydides to Clausewitz. In-depth introductions to single authors sketch the position of peace theory to his philosophy/theology and to his political theory as well as his role in the history of theory. Sources and secondary literature since the Second World War are refereed in detail.


With this bibliography, for the first time in decades, an exact overview is given on the level of current historiography of philosophy. Further volumes to be published will depict the development of the 19th and 20th centuries. So far, the history of theory of peace is much less known than the one of other political values such as justice or freedom. Now, a full overview of the history of theory of peace and international relations is available for the first time.


Bibliographic information:

Stephan Nitz: Theorien des Friedens und des Krieges. Kommentierte Bibliographie zur Theoriengeschichte. Band I: Altertum bis 1830, Band 7 der Studien der Hessischen Stiftung, Baden-Baden (Nomos) 2010, 700 pages, ISBN 978-3-8329-5186-3, 49 Euros.