The Violence of the Lords

New HSFK-Report by Peter Kreuzer on social control in the Southern Philippines

The Muslim populated regions of the Southern Philippines have faced violence and despotism for many years. A small group of powerful families, supported by para-governmental actors, tries to violently push through their own social order within the formal democratic system of the Philippines.

In HSFK-Report No. 1/2011"Die Gewalt der Herrschenden. Soziale Kontrolle im Süden der Philippinen" (The violence of the Lords. Social control in the Southern Philippines), Peter Kreuzer reveals recent power structures in the state by using a historical analysis. He shows that traditional order systems and the modern state are merged in a doubtful way: While the violence-controlling structures of both systems are weakened, those containing violence are sustained.

This Report is available at PRIF for EUR 6,- and can also be downloaded as free PDF file.