The Treaty of Lisbon and EU Foreign and Security Policy

HSFK-Standpunkt 1/2009 by Matthias Dembinsiki on the trend to bureaucratisation of EU´s foreign and security policy

Even as the treaty of Lisbon is struggling through ratifications of EU member states it is criticized to show a deficit of democracy and to promote militarisation. In HSFK Standpunkt 1/2009 Die Bürokratisierung der EU-Außenpolitik. Der Lissabon-Vertrag setzt auf Verlässlichkeit und Regelorientierung (Lisbon or the Bureaucratisation of the European Foreign and Security Policy. Multilateralism Remains EU´s Trademark) Matthias Dembinski deals with the effects of the treaty on European foreign and security policy and perceives an obvious tendency to bureaucratisation. He consults research on pros and cons of bureaucratisation and concludes that positive aspects outweigh the disadvantages because it tends to result in reliability, continualness and rule-based conduct.