The Islam as a Doctrine for Peace

The HSFK-Standpunkt 5/2009 documents the award of the Hessian Peace Prize 2009 to Dekha Ibrahim Abdi

Worldwide interreligious conflicts and the fear of the islamic radicalization are increasing. In Kenya the civil population has been suffering for decades from the violent conflicts between the clans of different ethnic groups.


This year's award winner has proved that it is possible to involve Christians and Muslims in a peaceful dialog. In her homecountry Kenya she has applied her "Wajir-Peace-Model", which is today used succesfully in four continents. She describes the islamic teachings as a source of spiritual motivation for her peace work.


For her commitment Dekha Ibrahim Abdi was awarded the Hessian Peace Price 2009. It is the second time that a woman is honoured, the first time a muslim woman from Africa. HSFK Standpunkt No. 5/2009 "Der Islam als Friedenslehre. Dokumentation der Verleihung des Hessischen Friedenspreises 2009 an Dekha Ibrahim Abdi" publishes the laudatory speech as well as other speeches made at the ceremony in Wiesbaden on 21st of January 2010.