The End or Re-organization of Conventional Arms Control in Europe?

In HSFK-Report 3/2008 Hans-Joachim Schmidt analyzes the future of the conventional arms control

In December 2007 the Russian President Putin suspended the treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE). From the viewpoint of Russia the successive enlargement of NATO, the deployment of US missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic, the recognition of Kosovo and the blockade of the adapted treaty of Conventional  Forces in Europe (aCFE) are increasingly menacing their security interests.
Now the future of the co-operative security policy in Europe is uncertain. In his HSFK-Report The End or Re-organization of Coventional Arms Control in Europe?Hans-Joachim Schmidt describes the main issues of the CFE and the aCFE as well as the reasons for the blockade. At the end of his detailled studies he gives proposals for the re-organization of coventional arms control in Europe.