The Automation of War

The German government considers purchasing drones. Niklas Schörnig discussed the uses and dangers of robot technology in armed conflicts in HSFK-Standpunkt 5/2010

Drones and robots have proven efficient and reliable for recon or mine clearing missions in situations of armed conflict. In addition, the use of armed robots that act autonomically as weapon against human targets becomes more and more likely. Whilst the U.S. is leading in military robotics, technologically advanced countries such as China or Iran are making big efforts in expanding their own robot capacities.

In HSFK-Standpunkte No. 5/2010 Niklas Schörnig presents the current state of unmanned war technology. He names problems that have to be addressed within the shift towards an automation of war: Besides the dangers of a new arms race and of a lower inhibition threshold for the use of violence questions of responsibility are being addressed.

The issue (in German) can be downloaded as pdf document.