The Arab region in upheaval

HSFK-Standpunkt by Karima El Ouazghari on the future role of Islamic opposition movements in the Arab world

What comes after the current protest movements in the Arab world and what do we have to expect when autocratic regimes are overthrown? It is certain that Islamic parties will try to expand their influence and gain political power. What will be the consequences if they succeed?


In HSFK-Standpunkt No. 3/2011 "Die arabische Region im Umbruch. Zur Rolle islamistischer Oppositionsbewegungen in Jordanien, Ägypten und Tunesien", Karima El Ouazghari shows the broad variety of Islamist opposition movements in Arab countries and examines their characteristics and potential future role in Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan. Although one can be sceptical what the future will bring, the author explains the legitimacy of Islamic movements as political actors and demonstrates why an "Islamic hysteria" is inappropriate.


This Standpunkt issue can be downloaded for free (PDF file).