Survey of a Hightech Revolution

New book on the transformation of armed forces in the 21st century edited by Niklas Schörnig and Jan Helmig

More and more Western countries follow the US-American example of the “Revolution in Military Affairs” and provide their armed forces with hightech weapon systems. The connection of particular units via modern communication electronics enable completely new ways of warfare. The social embedding of this transformation process should also be taken into account: changed conflict scenarios in the 21st century confront the armed forces with new challenges, which require not only technical but strategical and organizational rethinking.


In volume 54 of PRIF’s studies „Die Transformation der Streitkräfte im 21. Jahrhundert. Militärische und politische Dimensionen der aktuellen ‚Revolution in Military Affairs’“ („The Transformation of Armed Forces in the 21st Century. Military and political dimensions of the ‘Revolution in Military Affairs’“) the technological, strategical, economical and political dimensions of this phenomenon are analyzed. This book has been edited by Jan Helmig and Niklas Schörnig and has been published with Campus.


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