Daniel Lambach gets RIS-Award

Daniel Lambach awarded with Best Article in the Review of International Studies Prize

Daniel Lambach

Daniel Lambach, photo: Normative Orders

Daniel Lambach has received the Best Article in the Review of Inter­national Studies Prize from the British Inter­national Studies Asso­ciation. With the award of the Best Article in the Review of Inter­national Studies Prize, the edi­torial advi­sory board of the Review of Inter­national Studies honors once a year the best article of the previous year's issue. 

In his award-winning article, “Space, scale, and global politics: Towards a critical approach to space in inter­national relations” Daniel Lambach addresses the signi­ficance of space for inter­national relations and proposed a broader engagement with spatial concepts for scholars in the field of inter­national relations. For this purpose, Daniel Lambach develops a model that draws on relevant work in geography, socio­logy, and anthro­pology and promotes theory building, as well as analysis, with regard to space-related issues.

Daniel Lambach holds a DFG-funded Heisenberg position at the Normative Orders Research Center at Goethe Uni­versity and is an Asso­ciate Researcher in the Inter­national Secu­rity Program Area. His research focuses on poli­tical spatia­lities and techno­logy, including space, cyber­space, and the oceans.

The article is available through open-access on the Cambridge University Pres website .