PRIF receives second award for gender equality

Once more PRIF has proven its commitment to equal opportunities. It is thus confered the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for the second time.

“PRIF has broken new ground in the advancement of junior researchers by cooperating with universities”, the TOTAL E-QUALITY jury stated. “This strategy has proven to be especially successful for women. The jury acknowledges that PRIF effectively uses the resources offered by the German Excellence Initiative as well as internal competitive processes by the Leibniz Association. Gender studies are rooted in the institute’s research profile and its mission.”

Putting equal opportunities into practice at every stage of a scientific or administrative career as well as promoting work-life balance are amongst PRIF’s central duties. Around 70 people work at PRIF, 61% of which are women. Receiving the distinction for the second time, the institute has successfully proven its commitment to a progressive and sustainable human resource policy. Moreover, the promotion of women was also praised as one of the institute’s strengths in the previously conducted evaluation by the Leibniz Association.

The TOTAL E-QUALITY award is granted for three years until 2015 and is the result of a comprehensive application process. PRIF received the award for its successful equal opportunities policy already in 2010.


TOTAL E-QUALITY promotes the self-initiative of institutions and companies to successfully implement gender equality in their human resource and organization policies – without statutory provisions and exceeding these.

TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e.V. aims at establishing and ensuring equality of job opportunities for men and women. Its emphasis is on promoting women in leading positions. Besides work-life balance, it focuses on equal opportunities in personnel recruitment and human resource development, the encouragement of fair conduct at the workplace and the consideration of equal opportunities in the organization principles. TOTAL E-QUALITY stands for Total Quality Management (TQM), amended by the gender equality component.