PRIF Comes to Top Position in Ranking of German Research Association

The German Research Association (DFG) announced the excellent third-party funds record at its press conference on 10 September 2009

In the years 2005 to 2007, the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF) has received the highest funds of all German extra-university research institutes in the field of social sciences provided by the German Research Association (DFG). With a total sum of 1.9 million Euros, PRIF has come to be placed, together with the Social Science Research Center Berlin, in the top position within the DFG-ranking that was presented on 10 September 2009.


“Our extraordinary successful performance under growing competition and as one of the smallest institutes of the Leibniz-Association, makes us especially proud”, says Prof. Mueller, PRIF’s Executive Director. He adds: “This gives an extra impetus to our new research programme. The third-party funds allow us hiring further excellent researchers and keep them with us.” Through those DFG-funds in 2005 to 2007 six post-doctoral researchers and four doctorands could be financed. The DFG-funded projects analysed the war involvements of democracies since 1990, the arms control policies of democracies, and political, cultural, and socio-economic determinants of violence in fragmented societies of Latin America and Asia. Furthermore, PRIF is a partner in the DFG-funded Cluster of Excellence “The Formation of Normative Orders” directed by Frankfurt University. Alone two newly appointed professors of the cluster, also conduct their research at PRIF.